My view on the Old street

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Smiling manOld street like old schoolDreamimg about WalesView from the Old street

My view on the Old street, a set on Flickr.

some photos which can describe unique atmosphere of street, where I lived in London


My little brother

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It is video is about part of me

random memories

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Number one among the masterpieces of this year.

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In 29 of april was wedding of prince William and Kate Middleton and it was the real affair for many people – in what dress will be duchess?

Profile of Kate Middleton:

Prior to the wedding, Catherine attended many high-profile royal events. Once their relationship became public, Catherine received widespread media attention and there was much speculation that she and William would eventually marry. Their engagement was announced on 16 November 2010, and they married on 29 April 2011 at Westminster Abbey.

Many famous  designers took part in the competition for the title of royal wedding tailor. And the winner was Sarah Burton (Creative director of Alexander McQueen)

Rumor: Kate Middleton to Wed in Alexander McQueen

London”s Sunday Times is reporting that Kate Middleton will wed in Alexander McQueen on April 29. Middleton will also have some input regarding the design of the dress. Sources tell the Telegraph “the design of the dress [will] be a combination of Miss Middleton”s own ideas and Mrs Burton”s quirky interpretation of high fashion.” […]
The dress was so ideal,  smart and elegant. It have been seen even from TV translation. There are so many artful details. The bride was very beautiful.
It was the most anticipated dress of the century, and it did not disappoint.
The Stamford Bridal Rooms
July 27, 2011

And now we have a great opportunity to see it in life. Only from end of July till October there is the exhibition in Buckingham Palace, where everybody can keep in touch to a masterpiece. You can inspect details of the dress, also you can see Kate’s shoes, earings and tiara

In April millions of people all around the world tuned in to watch the Royal wedding at Westminster Abbey, not to see Prince William and Katherine Middleton say their vows, but to catch a glimpse of the most anticipated dress of the year.
Superstar Magazine
July 24, 2011

What is your ideal?

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This is the first idea I came up with to make a video. I don’t know why, however I am very pleased with this meets, this conversations. It was very pretty for me and very exciting to hear stories of people – about the most important in the world – about their lovers.

Mr Fashion blogger

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The person who knows all the secrets about celebrities, the good cooker, traveler, scholar of history, blogger, fashion activist, journalist and writer. So I am glad to present you Mr Rohan Daft.

Rohan came to us about 10 o’clock in the handsome light blue shirt, jeans, attractive socks, and classic brown boots. He smiled and carefully listened our lections. I didn’t know who he was, and I was looking forward to talk with him and to know who this enigmatic mister is. After our lection Rohan have started his introducing.

“I have never studied journalism, but all my life goes hand in hand with journalism. Firstly, I was working for a newspaper and wrote in the gossip column. I hadn’t to check gossips. It was very funny and exiting, one day I was even beaten. However, it was really funny, so many meetings with famous people, so many histories, so many rumours – very good experience in my life. I could find out about every divorce, children, quarrels, habits – about all their problems and their successes from one lunch in a restaurant. It was great.”

“After such an active period in my life, I worked a little like a freelancer and then decided to change something and go to Spain. It is such an amazing country. I couldn’t leave it for five years. I fell in love with Spanish culture, food and their passionate mentality. In Spain I tried to make my first blog, but it was just for fun. Maybe it helped me to understand what I want to do really I decided to write book about Spanish food, which is very interesting for me. I wrote it with much pleasure, like a chef in the restaurant making delicious experiments. The name is ‘Menu del dia’.”

And what is your favourite dish?

“There are so many of them. I am a real gourman, but my favourite is traditional Spanish paella and hot gazpacho. However, I can admit that I like herring with vodka – traditional Russian dish I guess.”

“I was born in England, near London it is my homeland and I came back to London after my adventure in Spain. Today I am working for ‘Richard James’. I am a fashion blogger.”

Are you interested in fashion or is it only like a hobby for you?

“No, I am a fan of fashion. To my mind it’s very essential for person to be good-looking. It’s very important to be neat, tidy, fresh and stylish. I like classic men style. ‘Richard James’ makes suits for men only, but they are of really good quality, suitable and handsome. I think they are ideal, because they are unique and are sewn for one person. It’s fantastic when people make clothes by hand. However, they are not cheap, not everyone can afford it. Of course, I could buy it, I’ve some discounts and benefits, but I’ve got another tailor for many years. Classic men suits – it is the big part of fashion industry. I still remember my first suit. I was about 18, and it was very exciting for me to wear something very handsome, something very adult. In childhood when I wore my first suit I felt very intelligent. Since that time I can’t live without suits.”

How does a fashion blogger spend his day?

“Oh, I get up at 8 o’clock, turn on my record player, chose something classical, maybe Chopin or Scriabin, take a shower, drink hot coffee with croissant, look through some newspapers or magazines. I like to read ‘Observer’, ‘The Guardian‘, ‘Private Eye’, also ‘Esquire’ and ‘GQ‘. Sometimes I use my iphone to check the news of the day. Then I take a taxi and go to Savile Row (the main tailor’s street in London). I have to be at work at 10 o’clock every day. Then I go over the shop, check range, news, shop windows and then I start to work on the blog. I have to check every message, delete spam, answer all letters, and news, add information about shops around the world, add films and clips. Sometimes I take photos by myself, sometimes with a professional photographer, because it’s luxury media and pictures have to be excellent. It is very interesting to me. Blogs are another part of new media, which has got many advantages. It is quicker and cheaper and about one brand – it’s an advertisement. My job is close to PR, but it demands a lot of creativity.”

How do you like to spend your free time?

“Unfortunately, I haven’t got a lot of free time, however if I want to relax – I like to eat something delicious, to drink good wine and to smoke.”

Thank you Mr Daft, it was very nice to meet you and to hear your friendly conversation.

No smoking, please

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When I  was in Hoxton square pub in center of London after my studying week I was pleasantly surprised.  There was no disgusting smell on my clothes and hair when I got out of this place. How can it be?

In Russia there are no clubs, pubs or even cafes without smoking places. Of course, very often smokers have got the own separate halls, where they can smoke, talk and eat. However, I think that division doesn’t solve the big problem with smokers. Such places only stimulate the interest of smoking cigarets,  and non advertising camponies can’t help to society.

I’ve heard that London is the city of freedom and contrasts.  In this way they made a good decision – not to smoke in every social locations. It  was inforced in 2005 and has been in power ever since. If person has got awful  habit it doesn’t mean that everybody should share it. By the way, the scientists have proved that passive smoking in a big risk too. Statistics show that  moreover than 60 % of people in Russia are smokers, while in London there are only about 30%.

It is really big issue to make special places for smokers or not. There are so many different opinions about  this topic, some are happy, some no.

“There is no need to ban anything”,- said one man with hoarse voice.

“Return past rules. Nobody will come to pubs, and it will be closed”,- – he added.

One popular protector of smokers Simon Clark asserts: “Smoking and nonsmoking places have to be in pubs. People have to have choice!”

 Meanwhile every year about 10 000 people die because of smoking. I suppose society have no doubt about problems of choice. Unfortunately, many workers in the pubs, for example, and many passive smokers, allergic people really suffer. And it isn’t freedom. The real freedom is to feel yourself healthy and comfortably everywhere.
To smoke or not – that’s the question for personality, but we mustn’t forget about people who are near us.
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